Destilarias Acha

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In 1831, Mr. Paul Pomes founded a factory for distillates, liqueurs and syrups in a small workshop in former pre-industrial Bilbao.

Without knowing it, and together with D. Manuel Acha they were building the foundations of what some years later would be called Distilleries Manuel ACHA, one of the companies that is and has historically been one of the leaders in the alcoholic beverages market.

Since then, our family has been passionately dedicated to the distillation of spirits and liquors in a traditional way, zealously guarding their recipes and production methods.

Five generations later we know that there is no heritage more valuable than the passage of time, thanks to which the knowledge and experience that we were able to pass on from generation to generation were and are today our guarantee seal.

We are in permanent contact with the evolution, trends and tastes of the different markets. We have also managed, through this concern and our Research and Development team, to develop and position in the various markets more than 150 product references, among our own brands and that we manufacture for our customers, maintaining, as it cannot be otherwise, parameters of high quality within our craft processes.

Destilerías MANUEL ACHA S.A. is a Spanish company that produces high quality liquors

It has enormous prestige, but also an incalculable value in history and tradition. It is the oldest company in the Basque Country (founded in 1831) and, after five generations, it is one of the oldest family businesses in Europe.

The distillery has been installed since 1880 in the center of Amurrio, a town in the historic territory of Álava. To date, we continue to produce more than 150 references from a wide catalog of its various products and spirits, following the traditional methods learned from its ancestors, combining these artisanal manufacturing systems with the latest technology.

We have a large management team and highly qualified professionals and also within our facilities with 2 museums. One of them dedicated to our history where you can see the different production processes over time, as well as typical curiosities of the company over more than a century of history. The other is dedicated to the golden age of the factory, led by the unmistakable Karpy liquor, and represents the years when Acha Distilleries actively participated in the promotion with our professional cycling team, making the bicycle tour of Spain up to 6 times in the 1960s / 70