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The project

The project of Quinta da Carregosa is about the production of Estate wines. The first vines were planted 80 years ago and its soil was removed manually in an odd effort, that only men of Douro were able to achieve.

The vineyards of Quinta da Carregosa extend over a schistous hillside of approximately 40 hectares, benefiting from a privileged sun exposure and up to an altitude of between 200 and 500 meters above sea level. Now the Quinta has a wide variety of grape varieties, carefully chosen depending on the specific nature of its terroir, thereby obtaining premium farm wines with a strong identity.

The history

José da Costa, a man from Douro, founded Quinta da Carregosa in 1909. He started the first Quinta vineyards, using the main traditional grape varieties of the Douro region.

José da Costa was the one that started in his Quinta the process of vinification and negotiation of the Oporto wine.

His son, Serafim da Costa, significantly increased the vineyard area and the production of the Douro and Porto wines thanks to his work, enthusiasm, pedagogy and experience. The Porto wine produced in the Quinta was taken by oxen to Távora river, one of the small rivers of Douro river, and then taken by small boats called rabelos throughout the Douro river till Vila Nova de Gaia.  

Maria Irene Costa and Manuel Costa, daughter and grandson of Serafim da Costa, inherit the same passion for the vines. With the same persistence and hard work of their ancestors, they keep on increasing the vineyard area and have started to grow the best grape varieties of the region in terraces. In 2000 a cellar was built, being equipped with the most modern technological processes and equipment.

Fernando Costa, a young winemaker and son of Manuel Costa, brings with him innovation, technical and scientific knowledge, strength to continue the family legacy, allowing, therefore, a promising future in the production and marketing of the brands of the now called Carregosa Wines Lda. The strong investment made in the vineyards and in the equipment in the last years outlines specific goals that the owners want to achieve.

The company/ the staff

Carregosa Vinhos Lda, located in Balsa do Douro, Tabuaço, produces and sells Douro wines both in national and international markets for four generations. It has authentic brands and wines of the region, with modern profile and charisma and focused on consumers tastes and business partners. The strong investment made in the vineyards and in the equipment over the past 20 years shows the vision and confidence that the owners have in their project.

Manuel Costa - manager

Fernando Costa - winemaker

Jorge Alves - consultant winemaker