Solar dos Lobos

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The story of a alentejana family, with his ancestors connected to the lands of Alvito (Beja), has its secrets and traditions locked up in its Coat of Arms of the Lobos (Wolfs) da Silveira, with origin in 1º Baron and Marquis of Alvito in then XV century, first heading of baron granted in Portugal by D. Alfonso V. Five wolves have this Coat of Arms, and five are today curiously its descendants. Five young cousins who made the compromised to take the message of its roots to the four corners of the world, today guided by the hands of the brothers Filipa and Miguel Lobo da Silveira.

Thus, borns a story made of stories, an image done of many moments and scribbles still untold. The image of our wines, made at the image of who we are.

Today, we are a still bigger family, where our team is part of this history that we write every day. The wisdom and devotion of each one are tasted in each drop of our wines. The roots and passion for tomorrow are in us and in everything that we make.

In Alentejo, nature is unique. The Sun, land and men do, for centuries, the miracle of wine. We are experts in winemaking and distribution. We reflect an image of symbols, culture, know-how, art and history of a country and a people, coming from generations after generations of winemaking long experiences.